Cambodia-Australia Agricultural Value Chain Program

Sustainable Irrigation Services Impact Evaluation

Executive Summary

This report studies the impact of three irrigation schemes, with a special emphasis on: (i) their contribution to the household income of farmers and to increases in agricultural production; and (ii) ‘proof of concept’ of the value for money and (financial) sustainability of the approach.

Three irrigation schemes were chosen on the basis that (a) they had been operating for long enough for an impact evaluation to be conducted and (b) were designed and implemented using the same approach (noted above) that was subsequently employed on CAVAC Phase 2, thus providing feedback useful to CAVAC’s continued support to the Phase 2 schemes.

Three schemes were chosen: Boeung Leas in Kampong Thom; Chamlong Chrey in Kampot; and Wat Thmey in Takeo province.

Data was collected through household surveys with farmers from CAVAC schemes and outside the schemes, focus group discussions with farmers from CAVAC schemes and outside the schemes, and FWUC committee members from the CAVAC schemes. Additionally, managers of micro-finance institutions, service providers who rent-out agricultural equipment, and Commune Councillors both in the CAVAC schemes and the control group were interviewed as key informants.