Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain Program


CAVAC has just launched a knowledge management strategy. Watch this page for publications from CAVAC and our partners.​​

Below is the list of our current knowledge products that can be found on the website or upon request.

Product Description Component   Language
Booklet 16 page CAVAC achievements and lessons learned.


All of the first phase of the program   KH/ENG
Infographics (3) Summarising the Achievements of the first Phase of CAVAC C1 & C2   English
Brochure A5 Introduction to CAVAC: the three components and how we work CAVAC   KH/ENG
Banners (12) For display at events CAVAC   n/a
Presentation Folder A4 folder with business card insert for factsheets etc CAVAC   KH/ENG
Facebook Monthly posting various stories and videos from all three components CAVAC   KH/ENG
Video Set in Kampot narrated by Mam Sokhom Describing the benefits of irrigation and how it has helped her family. C2   KH with Eng subtitles
Video Narrated by farmer, Mr Key Borin, talking about East West seeds and their field demonstrations. Now he gets higher prices for his produce due to the better use of pesticide C1   KH with Eng subtitles
Video Chilli Lady, Van Sokhorn talks about how she copied the techniques practiced by her neighbour, including plastic mulch, and her increased income allowed her to pay for her children’s education. C1   KH with Eng subtitles
Video Farmer talks about how he learnt better fertiliser use from a demonstration by Lim Bun Heng Trading Company. C1   KH with Eng subtitles
Video (2) How FWUCs work, contains interviews with various farmers and lovely drone footage of the area. 6 min version and a shorter version with the drone footage. C2   KH with Eng subtitles
Video Eli Seeder – Farmers talk about the changes to their practices. Owner talks about how and why he designed it C3   KH with English subtitles
Video Field Trip with Deputy Ambassador and HE Thor Chetha. Contains Interviews with Deputy Ambassador and His Excellency,     ENG
Video Sen Kra Ob – development of quality standards for Cambodia’s premium fragrant rice C3   KH with ENG subtitles
Video Cassava Farmers study tour – different production methods between east and west farmers – this tour was partly supported by CAVAC in partnership with private sector     KH
Fact Sheets An Giang C1   KH & ENG
  Angkor Green Investment and Development C1   KH & ENG
  Bayon Heritage C1   KH & ENG
  Dei Bomnas Thmey C1   KH & ENG
  Sebakam Chamkar Doung (Chilli Processor) C1   KH & ENG
  Lay Seng C1   KH & ENG
  Lim Bun Heng (Cassava) C1   KH & ENG
  Media research of rural audiences C1   KH & ENG
  Krapum Chouk Irrigation Scheme C2   KH & ENG
  Anlung Reach Irrigation Scheme C2   ENG
  Sambour Scheme C2   ENG
  Sen Kra Ob C3   KH & ENG
  Rice Seed Planter C3   KH & ENG
  AQIP C3   KH & ENG
  Eli Seeder C3   ENG only
DFAT case studies for Economic Diplomacy Guide Promoting Mechanisation to improve yields

Chilli Processor: Helping Cambodian manufacturers gain access to export markets

CAVAC   ENG only
Case Studies Rice seed planter demonstration with quotes from farmers C3   KH & ENG
  Three stories about FWUCs their duties, O&M

Written by Bopha (still not cleared by C2)

C2   ENG
  Monitoring results based contracts and working with provincial administrations. This story will also appear in Cardno’s new electronic magazine in January. C1   ENG
  Zero Harm training and the introduction of new safety gear to Prey Veng construction site Cardno   ENG
Issue Paper Tricyclazole CAVAC   ENG
Lessons Learned What makes a FWUC work?

(comms still waiting to get this back)

C2   ENG
Postcards Chill Lady C1   ENG
  Ratcatcher C1   ENG
  Sina Sourn C1   ENG
  Mam Sokhom C2   ENG
Branded USBs For distribution, containing all our videos CAVAC   KH with English subtitles
New CAVAC website New content and Argricultural news –  being constantly updated. The new Knowledge hub will be hosted on the website and accessed from the homepage by October 2018 CAVAC   KH & ENG
Australia Day Feature story Driving Innovation in Agriculture

ICT4Ag plus Eli Seeder