Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain Program

Productivity and Diversification

This team’s goal is improved incomes for smallholder farmers, and a large part of their interventions are focussed on delivering knowledge about new farming techniques, especially how to improve yields with the best use of fertiliser and pesticides.

Diversification activities are encouraging farmers to move away from dependence on rice, which is currently at record low prices, to try different, more profitable crops like maize, chilli and pulses.

The private sector is a key actor in Cambodia’s farming systems, as they are the source of seeds, fertiliser and pesticides, and by partnering with the suppliers of agricultural inputs and services, CAVAC hopes to reach around 135 000 farming households with information about how to improve their incomes.

Training pesticide sellers to share accurate information

An Giang (now called Loc Troi Group) is a Vietnamese company that already used farmer meetings to promote its products in Vietnam, but due to staff shortages in Cambodia, An Giang and CAVAC agreed that retailer training might be the most effective way to deliver information to farmers.