Cambodia-Australia Agricultural Value Chain Program

Sustainable irrigation services

This outcome relates to the ten schemes financed and supported directly by CAVAC. Most of the construction is now complete; the focus for the remainder of the Program is on supporting the operation of the schemes to the point that their performance can be sustained after CAVAC ends. 

Intended outcomes focus on increasing agricultural production (principally through increasing the number of cropping seasons per year) and increasing productivity – thus increasing household income. 

CAVAC’s approach to the development of irrigation schemes is based on the idea of irrigation as a sustainable service. To be sustainable, schemes must be financially viable: farmers must pay sufficient Irrigation Service Fees (ISF) to cover the costs of scheme operations and maintenance (O&M). Farmer Water User Communities (FWUCs) must then perform O&M functions effectively. 

CAVAC’s work on scheme delivery is focused on two portfolios of activities: construction and scheme improvement; and support to operations and maintenance.