Cambodia-Australia Agricultural Value Chain Program

Quality, sustainable and effective irrigation investments

Building on the success of the schemes that it has directly financed, CAVAC works closely with RGC so that MOWRAM and other partners have available the technical knowledge and lessons learnt through CAVAC schemes to apply to other irrigation investments. This supports RGC’s capacity to manage its significant national water resources investments effectively.

CAVAC’s broader engagement strategy is implemented in parallel with the ongoing support to the existing schemes, the continued success of which is critical to CAVAC’s credibility as a source of expertise.

CAVAC’s Irrigation and Water Resources Management Engagement Strategy outlines broad outcome areas and approaches but does not set specific targets. Implementation of the strategy is supported by a careful approach to monitoring and evaluation that has a strong focus on the nature of the engagement process as well as the technical outcomes. 

Under this outcome, CAVAC implements three streams of activities: i) delivering demand-driven services, ii) undertaking issues-based engagement, and iii) undertaking broader stakeholder engagement to raise awareness of the lessons learned from CAVAC’s experience.