Cambodia-Australia Agricultural Value Chain Program

Farmers adopting more productive farming practices

Productivity is about the ability of a farmer to transform agricultural inputs (including water) into products efficiently. CAVAC’s work addressing productivity directly has principally focused on rice and cassava.

CAVAC’s work includes improving practices and systems related to seeds, pest control, nutrient management, and helping ensure women and men farmers have access to reliable information on good practice. CAVAC works with private sector actors who can help introduce commercially viable and thus self-sustaining inputs and techniques (rather than with farmers directly). Examples include new pest management products, mechanisation, and the introduction of laser land-levelling.

In addition to working with the private sector, CAVAC also works with MAFF and the General Directorate of Agriculture (GDA) to strengthen the regulatory environment related to pest management products.

The work on rice productivity is closely linked to the Program’s irrigation schemes, including through new initiatives to work with FWUCs to provide agricultural advisory services to farmers. This is an important part of demonstrating the financial viability of irrigated agriculture.