Cambodia-Australia Agricultural Value Chain Program

Climate resilient and sustainable agriculture

Consumers globally are demanding more sustainable agricultural production and traceability of food products. In response, CAVAC is working with rice millers and contract farmers on the introduction of the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) standards for rice production. SRP standards are both technical standards to reduce fertiliser and pesticide use and improve water management, and social standards that focus on gender and child labour issues. At the same time, contract farming creates traceability within the value chain.

Cambodia is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, with longer periods of drought combined with excessive rain and flooding. CAVAC works with CARDI, CRF and PDAFFs to scale up the introduction of the rice variety Phka Mealdei which is drought resistant and flood tolerant.

CAVAC also works with Husk Ventures to scale up the use of biochar made from rice husks. Biochar sequesters carbon in the soil and has been recognised as a Negative Emission Technology by the IPCC.