Cambodia-Australia Agricultural Value Chain Program

Tenders & Vacancies

CAVAC places a high priority on conducting procurement and recruitment activities using the highest standards that demonstrate our professionalism and commitment to processes that are accountable, transparent, competitive and deliver the optimal decision based around merit.

All Procurement decisions are conducted in accordance with the Australian Government Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPR), and any decisions around sourcing activities are made with a view to using competitive procedures and where it is not possible to apply these, then the reasons for an alternative approach are recorded.

CAVAC encourages competition and finding ways to increase our internal knowledge on how local Cambodian companies and individuals can best meet our business and research needs. CAVAC welcomes the provision of updates and approaches from companies and individuals in the form of unsolicited information proposals.

Consultancy Cost Benefit Analysis of a Quality Infrastructure System for Agricultural Products
Description CAVAC intends to engage a consultant to carry out a cost/benefit analysis for a quality infrastructure system in Cambodia.
Currently, Cambodia lacks an overall needs-driven approach to the set-up and strategic development of internationally recognized quality infrastructure and conformity assessment services, guided by a national Quality Policy. As a result, available services are incomplete and not synchronised to serve an entire sector, or value chain from inputs and primary production to aggregation and processing to exporting.
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Deadline Sunday 26 July 2020


Consultancy Agro-Processing Study
Description CAVAC intends to conduct a study that will examine the current state of the sector. It will provide a profile of the sector and its key players. It will analyse the most important factors impacting the development of the sector including the regulatory and enabling environment. It will offer recommendations to RGC and industry, as well as to DFAT for the design of a forthcoming program.
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Deadline Wednesday 15 July 2020


Call for applications Small grants to support SMEs produce agri-food products
Description CAVAC has partnered with Khmer Enterprise (a unit in the Ministry of Economy and Finance) and the Institute of Technology of Cambodia to establish a platform that will help small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Cambodia bring new agri-food products to the market. Through this platform, up to five SMEs in the agri-food sector will receive technical support and up to USD 8,000 each to develop their innovative agri-food concepts, products, or processes.
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Deadline Wednesday 12 August 2020