Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain Program

Tenders & Vacancies

CAVAC places a high priority on conducting procurement and recruitment activities using the highest standards that demonstrate our professionalism and commitment to processes that are accountable, transparent, competitive and deliver the optimal decision based around merit.

All Procurement decisions are conducted in accordance with the Australian Government Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPR), and any decisions around sourcing activities are made with a view to using competitive procedures and where it is not possible to apply these, then the reasons for an alternative approach are recorded.

CAVAC encourages competition and finding ways to increase our internal knowledge on how local Cambodian companies and individuals can best meet our business and research needs. CAVAC welcomes the provision of updates and approaches from companies and individuals in the form of unsolicited information proposals.

CAVAC is pleased to offer the following opportunities to work with us in improving the agricultural sector in Cambodia.


Request for Proposals Research Consultancy on Women’s Economic Empowerment in Rice Input Supply Business and Rice Collection
Description The objectives of the study are

  • To estimate percentage of rice input and rice collection businesses lead by women, men, and both.
  • To understand the role of women and men in rice input supplier businesses and rice collection.
  • To quantitatively and qualitatively measure the five WEE domains in rice input supply businesses and rice collection.
  • To identify the challenges and opportunities for women in rice businesses and as rice collectors.
  • To identify the perspectives of women on their economic advancement opportunities

Scope and Methodology

The consultant/s should propose, based on expertise and human resources, the most suitable approach, i.e. sampling and research methodology, to collect relevant data, and conduct a thorough analysis to best respond to the objective of the study.

The methodology should include both quantitative and qualitative data to develop a comprehensive understanding of the trends that impact women in their business operations, and more importantly, the underlying factors (social, cultural, economic) causing these challenges. Index or scoring methods that could quantify the WEE five domains are preferable.

Deadline 27 August 2018 by 05:00PM (Phnom Penh time)


Request for Proposals Study of Women working in Cassava Production Upstream in Cambodia
Description CAVAC plans to conduct an in-depth survey of the differences between women-led and men-led cassava upstream businesses, particularly of agricultural inputs such as wholesalers and retailers, and further explore gender-related constraints that might affect women in those businesses. The results of this study will be used to align CAVAC’s strategies and interventions to maximise its impact on WEE.
Deadline 01 August 2018 by 05:00PM (Phnom Penh time)