Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain Program

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CAVAC places a high priority on conducting procurement and recruitment activities using the highest standards that demonstrate our professionalism and commitment to processes that are accountable, transparent, competitive and deliver the optimal decision based around merit.

All Procurement decisions are conducted in accordance with the Australian Government Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPR), and any decisions around sourcing activities are made with a view to using competitive procedures and where it is not possible to apply these, then the reasons for an alternative approach are recorded.

CAVAC encourages competition and finding ways to increase our internal knowledge on how local Cambodian companies and individuals can best meet our business and research needs. CAVAC welcomes the provision of updates and approaches from companies and individuals in the form of unsolicited information proposals.

Job Title Professional Photographer
Description CAVAC is Australia’s largest aid program in Cambodia and promotes a commercially viable and resilient agriculture sector. It does this by promoting profitable irrigated agriculture, and an increasingly competitive agriculture industry.

The Program is now updating its website and branding guidelines so that it can better communicate its goal, outcomes, approach, and capabilities with key stakeholders.

As part of this branding refresh, the Program needs to update its stock of images. To do this, CAVAC is looking to engage a professional photographer to develop a bank of images that illustrate its key areas of focus as per the Program Logic.

The Photographer will produce photographs that will be used in a variety of media and communications pieces to communicate CAVAC’s goal, long-term outcomes, and activities to its stakeholders.

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Deadline 01 March 2020