Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain Program

Tenders & Vacancies

CAVAC places a high priority on conducting procurement and recruitment activities using the highest standards that demonstrate our professionalism and commitment to processes that are accountable, transparent, competitive and deliver the optimal decision based around merit.

All Procurement decisions are conducted in accordance with the Australian Government Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPR), and any decisions around sourcing activities are made with a view to using competitive procedures and where it is not possible to apply these, then the reasons for an alternative approach are recorded.

CAVAC encourages competition and finding ways to increase our internal knowledge on how local Cambodian companies and individuals can best meet our business and research needs. CAVAC welcomes the provision of updates and approaches from companies and individuals in the form of unsolicited information proposals.

Position Description
Operations and Maintenance Specialist (Financial Management) The sustainability of Farmer Water Users Communities (FWUCs) is largely dependent on their ability to accurately and transparently manage the financial aspects of irrigation scheme operation.  The Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Specialist’s role is to establish FWUC financial management systems, build the FWUC Committee Members’ and farmers’ capacity to use the systems, and monitor their implementation.

Key Activities

·         Assist FWUCs to establish and manage efficient cash management systems that meet all requirements

·         Work with Provincial Department of Water Resource and Meteorology (PDWRAM) staff at both provincial and district level to train FWUCs and farmers in financial management

·         Assist FWUCs to ensure that income collected is accurately recorded in billing systems, receipts are issued in a timely manner to farmers, and that cash is accurately counted and reported

·         Ensure FWUCs execute all payments in compliance with the rules that are developed with CAVAC support

·         Provide technical advice and support to respond to finance-related issues coming from FWUC members and farmers.  Design and deliver relevant follow-up training as required

·         Develop a monthly report on activities completed and issues resolved

·         Support with other FWUC-related tasks and activities as requested.

Selection Criteria

·         Bachelor’s degree in accounting and/or finance

·         Demonstrated experience working with farmers/rural communities

·         At least three years’ working experience in accounting and finance

·         Good interpersonal and communication skills

·         Fast learner

·         Willingness to work at field level

Deadline 21 April 2019
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