Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain Program


CAVAC is always open to new approaches, and we collaborate with a range of organisations and people beyond the usual development actors.

Our interventions use a market development approach that seeks to trigger systemic change and promotes innovation wherever possible. Our ultimate goal is to increase productivity and incomes for smallholder farmers in Cambodia – and to achieve this we will often consider new ways of working beyond the traditional aid and development models.

Some recent examples of innovation include:

  • CAVAC worked with a TV production company to develop a 26-episode drama series that included plot lines on fertiliser use and where to seek advice. The series reached an audience of over 200 000 and a second series was commissioned, entirely funded by sponsors.
  • CAVAC introduced irrigation schemes with concrete lined canals that use much less land and have twice the lifespan of traditional canals. They are also easier to maintain and operate.
  • CAVAC is currently exploring the introduction of buried pipe irrigation to reduce water lost to evaporation.
  • Our irrigation schemes also encourage private sector engagement with contractors and water sellers.
  • CAVAC is always testing and promoting new technologies that can boost the productivity of farmers – like laser land levelling and mechanical seed planters – and exploring ways to make this technology more affordable for farmers.
  • CAVAC held a competition ICT4Ag to encourage the development of new technology that might encourage and incubate new ways of supporting Cambodian farmers.
  • CAVAC is introducing new payment systems for rural communities without access to banking facilities in partnership with financial institutions.