Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain Program

How We Work

CAVAC is the Australian Government’s first investment in a market systems approach in Cambodia. This means that where ever possible we partner with the private sector to drive systemic change  in farmer’s supply markets. We work with the private sector because they play an essential role in agricultural systems, selling essential inputs like seeds and fertiliser and buying farmers’ outputs like rice and vegetables.

Sustainability is another reason for working with the private sector, as businesses typically remain in communities well beyond the life of any aid program. Also, by working with companies, CAVAC can indirectly reach a much larger number of farmers, achieving better value for money. Our interventions are organised into three components:

Productivity and Diversification

Improving yields by working in the fertiliser and pesticide markets, while also encouraging diversification into other crops, including cassava, chilli, pulses and maize.

Irrigation and Water Management

This component has already developed 20 schemes since 2010 and will construct several more in the next few years. We will also continue ongoing training and support for the operation and maintenance of these programs.

Milling and Export

Improving rice varieties and ensuring sufficient quality and consistency in order to meet export market demand. This component works closely with the Cambodia Rice Federation to support the Royal Government of Cambodia’s own export targets.