Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain Program


CAVAC’s goal is to increase productivity and incomes for smallholder farmers in Cambodia. Rather than work directly with farmers, most of our activities are delivered in partnership with their suppliers and regulators, the government and the private sector, using a market systems approach to spread knowledge about new agricultural techniques. The other major part of our investment in Cambodia is the development of community run irrigation schemes that increase yields by ensuring year-round water supply.

CAVAC’s Phase II builds on the successful legacy of the CAVAC program which ran from 2010-2015. CAVAC was the Australian Government’s first investment in a market systems approach, and due to the results generated by the first phase, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) decided to extend the program for another phase, from 2016 – 2021, with increased scope and funding.

Our market systems approach means that we often work with suppliers and regulators rather than directly with farmers. This can mean developing strategies with private sector partners, including fertiliser and pesticide companies, or rice millers and exporters.

Our activities are divided into three components: Productivity and Diversification, Irrigation and Water Management, and Milling and Export.