Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain Program


CAVAC staff work together in small teams. They begin by talking to farmers and companies to understand how the markets work, what constraints farmers and businesses face, and what opportunities for growth exist.

Businesses play a central role in Cambodia’s agricultural systems, selling essential inputs like seeds and fertiliser, and buying farmers’ outputs like rice and vegetables. To reach the maximum number of farming households, CAVAC will often partner with the private sector, harnessing their networks to deliver information and new techniques to rural communities.

CAVAC is not a donor, or a traditional NGO. We seek co-investors and partners who are prepared to contribute a substantial portion of the costs – either in money or in kind.

Sustainability is another reason for working with the private sector, as businesses typically remain in communities well beyond the life of any aid program. By working with companies, CAVAC can also indirectly reach a much larger number of farmers, achieving better value for money.